‘Cubed nature’ is a series of reflections on the concept of providing shelter, merged into one sculptural installation. Initially humans found shelters in tree branches. Then, shelters developed into compositions of rough-cut timber elements. The continuous development of tools resulted into sophisticated wooden constructions. Today, wood re-enters on a large scale because of its sustainability and advantages in a circular economy. These millennia of history are encapsulated in two cubes stacked on top of each other.

The hut is composed of two defined cubes, made of trees, cut in half. A tactile experience is evoked by outlining the base with the raw bark which stands in contrast to the smooth and warm cut grain of the inside. The top cube is composed by the treetops, keeping all the branches, arranged into a pyramid. The branches are trimmed to form a perfect cube. During the evening hours, by lighting the hut from the inside, the branches become transparent and the cube reveals its pitched roof. Visitors are surrounded by the warm tone of the cut pine, the smell of wood, and the soft touch of the grain. The thick walls, low doors, and the snow on the floor creates an acoustically sheltered space from the outside. The roof’s orchestrated chaos filters sunlight and evokes the feeling of being in a forest.

The hut is fully recyclable, and when taken down, the wood can be recut, for another shelter.