n/a is an architecture and design studio based in Copenhagen, Denmark, with a strong international focus. Rooted in the Scandinavian culture, n/a approaches design of all scales, from a humanistic, pragmatic and sustainable point of view. Is it “Form follows function”, or “Function follows form”? At n/a, we think it is neither as good design emerges from multiple iterations and points of view. Functional aesthetic, user-oriented design and environmental awareness are just a few of the key principles for our approach to a task.

Architecture and design affect all aspects of human life and our planet. It is therefore far too complex to settle for labels, standard solutions or signature style repetition. Our company name, n/a, is a reflection on this – there are no predefined boxes to check. Our main goal is to make each project unique.

The cultural, the context, the local traditions and the program are main ingredients for creating a project that is site specific, focussed on the users and adapted to its environment. Our client is the centre of any project we undertake. We seek to form mutually inspirational relationships with all our clients, in order to make every project our best project to date.

Only by investigating the past and try to understand the present, can we sketch the future.

n/a is founded in 2019 by partners Alexandra Nikolova & Jonas Aarsø, both with a degree Master of Science (MSc) in Architecture, from The Faculty of Engineering and Science, Aalborg University, Denmark. The two together bring 18 years of experience from some of the world’s most renowned architecture & design offices.

From the very beginning of their academic life, Alexandra & Jonas have formed an appreciation and a deep understanding of the integration between the technical, artistic and humanistic aspects in the built environment.

What makes the very core of n/a is their constant curiosity and holistic passion of how architecture & design are conceived.

Their love for the profession brought them around the world, living and working in Barcelona, New York, Beijing, London and finally Copenhagen.

As architects, Alexandra & Jonas have perfected their skills and understanding of the profession while working and contributing to projects of all scales at GRAFT, Buro Ole Scheeren, Barber & Osgerby, Heatherwick Studio, C.F. Møller and Bjarke Ingels Group.

Our circular understanding of the industry enables us to deliver tailored designs for all scales. n/a creates ideas & solutions in all stages of a project, whether it is a product design, a single-family housing, medium to large scale buildings of various typologies or masterplans.

Private Clients:

- Design to build –

If you are looking for solutions to extend on your current house, or build an entirely new one, n/a is committed to put the client’s dreams, needs and preferences in the centre of the design process. We design to build – user oriented and architecturally unique homes.


- Feasibility studies –

We know how important a proper due diligence is in any consideration of investments. n/a can assist in analysing the potential of a given site or early stage of land bidding.

- Concept, Schematic and Detailing –

n/a takes a project from the first sketch through the process of concretizing, defining and preparing it for any type of tender process. We advise and arrange the involvement of expert/sub-consultants needed to ensure the best process and result.

- On-site –

Let n/a assists in ensuring that the architecture and design intentions are being realized. We do site inspections, project follow-up and help our clients in any dispute with the contractor.


- Collaborations -

We strongly believe that multidisciplinary teams are key in pushing boundaries and rethink any given task. n/a have collaborated with architect/engineering companies on several projects, and thrive in such dynamics. If your company is interested in collaboration on any scale of project, please contact us.

We would love to get in contact with you.

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