Structural Engineer: PxK

NA01 is n/a’s first furniture design to go on sale. It’s a testament to the studios constant ambition of merging engineering and art in all scales, even furniture, and to optimize and reduce waste material.

The characteristic appearance originates from the idea of finding a way of making the most out of industry standard dimensioned marble slabs with as little waste as possible. The circular top is cut out of the slab; the legs are from the piece of slab left over.

NA01, a physical state of balance, refers to many elements of this marble table. The top is cantilevering from some points of view while supported from other. Its position on top of  the interlocking legs is carefully calculated and designed to be in perfect balance, and capable of supporting an external load of up to 50 kilos at its most free floating point.‍

Marble is the centre in the design. All parts are made from 100% marble. The simple geometric design allows for it to be assembled without the need for any mechanical fixing. Simplicity in its purest form. One material for everything – an ode to the beauty of the natural material.