6150 M²

‍I walk in a circle around everything and within this circle is your world.The next 30 years will be completely different from the last 30 years. For the last 30 years, we connected the world with computers, networks and devices, immersed ourselves in virtual worlds, connected, got lost, hypnotized, the average child now has 4-7 hours of "screentime". Relations with the earth and outdoor life are formally severed in many places, and at the same time the cycle of nature is in most places out of balance.

Grænalaut Kindergarten reflects this future. The house is built out of CLT and glulam, a building material that binds carbon. The shape of the house is circular, a shape that refers to another thought, refers to the circle that will be the main symbol of the 21st century. Refers to the United Nations Global Goals, which are presented in a circular format.

The next 30 years will all revolve around the earth and adapting our lives to the limits that the earth sets for us. Controlling greenhouse gas emissions. Not because we want to, but because we have no choice. The next 30 years are all about the earth, all the working lives of the children who start their studies at the Grænulaut Kindergarten are about this subject. It will not be missed, their options are not the same as those who went to kindergarten in 1980. Their tasks are inevitable. Almost all of the world we know today needs to be rethought and redesigned, construction technology, transportation, teaching methods, food production, consumption and recycling, fashion and heavy industry. A new worldview that starts in Grænulaut Kindergarten.

The cycle of nature, a cycle economy where nothing is wasted. In economics, there is a growing debate about donut economics, Donut Economy, which requires us to stay within the limits that the earth can sustain. The turf roof of the house refers both to the future and the past, leaving the 20th century as an anomaly and helping us to get rid of it, to design ourselves away from the mistakes it made. We can not go back in time, but we can learn from the past and nature. Everything is a cycle, everything goes in circles. We went away from the earth, we are moving back and it starts with the youth. It starts in Grænulaut Kindergarten.